sweet deals, team!

It’s good to be part of the team! A Wooden Spoon x Xero deal means a corporate discount and delivery of your favourite Wooden Spoon flavours! Choose from any of our Signature Range flavours, SUPERFOOD (our dairy free nice creams), or ice cream sandwiches. If we’re making any special one-off flavours, you’ll be able to order those here as well!

How To Order:
Simply fill in the form below and we’ll get it to you on the first Thursday of the month — we’ll aim for an afternoon delivery (around 4pm). After we receive your order, we’ll send you confirmation with our details. You can pay via online banking or in person when we arrive, just let us know (we have Eftpos!). We’ll send a reminder email the day before we head over.*

Name *
Mobile *
Need more than one of a flavour? Let us know here. Anything else you have on your mind, this is the place to tell us.
Flavours - $8.99
Our traditional ice creams are hand-crafted, additive free and use locally sourced organic milk and cream.
Dairy Free - $9.99
Our dairy-free ice creams use a house-made cashew milk to give you extra creamy texture without overwhelming your favourite flavours!
Ice Cream Sandwiches - $4.49
2 cookies + 1 scoop = unlimited happiness

* FOH will send out an email when we arrive. If you’re unavailable at the time of delivery, your order will be left in a Xero freezer with your name on it. If you think you’ll be unavailable, please pay via online banking.