It's no secret that New Zealand makes the world's best dairy.  So we keep it local and use only the cream of the crop.


We set out to make ice cream that embraces the New Zealand spirit - a sense of adventure, nostalgia and pride - and also highlights New Zealand’s top notch dairy and other locally-crafted ingredients.

Our aim is to take you, the ice cream lover, along with us on our journey as we seek out the unexpected and the slightly different. Or as we travel back in time to those moments at the beach, at family celebrations, or when we first stepped foot in a brand new place.

We believe ice cream should be about creating new memories and remembering old ones, challenging ourselves in new ways, and seeking out our inner child.

It's why we throw a dash of sea salt in our Chocolate + Sea Salt. Because, why not?

It's why our coffee ice cream (Ca Phe Da) was inspired by a trip to Vietnam, but was conceived in a coffee roastery here in Wellington.

Or why we like to call Smokey Pokey the “black sheep cousin” of the timeless classic, Hokey Pokey. Every now and then, we need a little dose of naughty.

Thank you for joining us and inspiring us along the way. We always love to hear from you, so give us a shout. In the meantime, grab a spoon and eat good ice cream.