Do you use free range eggs?

Actually, we don't use eggs at all. All of our ice creams are egg-free. However, some of the cookies used in our ice cream sandwiches use eggs. This information is listed on the nutrition label.

Are your ice creams gluten free?

For the most part, yes. All of our Signature Flavours are gluten free. However, some of our Freeze Craft & Limited Edition flavours will have mix-ins that contain gluten. We will always declare this, and any other allergen information, on our nutrition label.

Is your ice cream organic?

We use Zany Zeus organic milk, which is the main component of our ice cream. We also use other organic ingredients and those will either be listed in the nutrition label or in our ice cream description.


Where is your ice cream made?

We make our ice cream in Shelly Bay, Wellington, New Zealand

Where can I buy your ice cream?

A list of suppliers is located under the Where to Buy page. If you can't find your city on our list, you can trust we are working hard to become available there!

Will you ever make new flavours?

Yes. Yes. Yes. We are constantly experimenting at the WS Labs. Look out for periodic Freeze Craft releases or other surprises.

I have more questions - what do I do?

Contact Us!