June mini-membership: better late than never!

Our aim was to get this to you prior to Queen's Birthday weekend, but we're operating on the philosophy of 'better late than never,' this month. Enjoy our flashback flavour to the old days of Wooden Spoon and our tribute to her majesty, and the New Zealand celebration of her birth.

Dreamy Orange
Eons ago, we made a flavour that we deeply loved called, 'Dreamy Orange.' It reminded us of a cloud-like beverage we had as kids called Orange Julius - a frothy, creamy, cold, citrusy-vanilla delight. But our interpretation had a mixed reception among our Kiwi brethren - having never tasted anything like it. We think New Zealand might finally be ready for what is undeniably one of our favourite flavours.

Yaas Kween!
Since we acknowledge and celebrate Queen's Birthday in June, it was only natural that we make a tribute flavour to her majesty. Yaas Kween is a royal, English serving of tea and biscuits! Rich Earl Grey ice cream with sweet, buttery shortbread bites mixed throughout.

The Details: $10 per tub
Pickup locations:
11 - 4, Weds, 3 July or Thurs, 4 July
Wooden Spoon - Shelly Bay, behind Blackmore & Best Gallery
Croc Bikes - Chaffers Building, 5/22 Herd St, Te Aro
Bank transfer only, no cash. Please submit payment by 2 July
email: membership@woodenspoonfreezery.com with your flavour choices and where/when you'll pick up.
Payment to: 06-0582-0359098-01