We said BRRRRRR, it's cold in here!!!! But that doesn't mean we can't eat ice cream. Especially ice cream made with fresh, seasonal juice to brighten our day and give us that lift we need to get through the last grasp of winter!
We have a VERY LIMITED quantity of Dreamy Orange and Key Lime Pie that we're selling as a citrus-2 pack, so get in early because it's first come, first to get all this Vitamin C!

Dreamy Orange
Fresh squeezed OJ and condensed milk take us back to Orange Julius. If you don't know what that is, trust us.

Key Lime Pie
Tart & sweet lime ice cream made with fresh lime juice. We tossed in some buttery sweet pie crust for the full pie-as-ice cream experience!

The Details: $20 for the 2-pack
Pickup locations:
12 - 3 Thurs, 29 Aug
Wooden Spoon - Shelly Bay, behind Blackmore & Best Gallery
Croc Bikes - Chaffers Building, 5/22 Herd St, Te Aro

Bank transfer only, no cash. Please submit payment by 28 Aug.
email: membership@woodenspoonfreezery.com and where/when you'll pick up.
Payment to: 06-0582-0359098-01

xoxo Wooden Spoon

We got your Vitamin C right here!

We got your Vitamin C right here!