Wooden Spoon Boutique Freezery was hatched in 2011, on a dark and stormy night in Wellington. Two Americans both unknown to each other and both living for quite some time in New Zealand, met at a dinner party, each having brought a pint of ice cream to share with the other guests.

They eyed each other suspiciously. They secretly thought to themselves, “my ice cream is surely better”.  When it was time for dessert and the spoons were passed out, there was tension all around. But after more than a few bites, and in hindsight, what we like to call “the magic”, the two rivals-turned-friends began tossing around flavour ideas for their very first collaboration.

Armed with chilly bins packed with dry ice, headlamps and hundreds of pots of ice cream, the journey began.

They drove each month, all around Wellington, to deliver their newest creations to those that signed on for the adventure.

All was good for quite some time.

Then one fateful night in 2014, they realised not one more pot of ice cream could be stuffed in the chilly bin. Members were being turned away. Even the headlamps weren't working. It was time for a change.

Today, we make ice cream and ice cream sandwiches (what?!) available to all New Zealanders through many fine food outlets. Although we are a bit bigger now, we haven’t forgotten our roots, the “membership", and what sparked "the magic" on that dark and stormy night.